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Assembly and processing of auxiliary components for the automobile construction:

Sub-frame: assembly of silentblocks onto the sub-frame while controlling pressure by load cells.

Rear suspension: assembly of the rear suspension of the SEAT Exeo, screw position control and labeling of the module.

Tool kits: Processing and insertion of tool kit components, control of positioning by visual control.

Suspension control arm: Assembly of the suspension control arm of the SEAT Exeo, control of screw position and angle, security part of vehicle, TLD.

Gearbox mount: Assembly of gearbox mount of the SEAT Exeo, screw positioning control during assembly process.

Pulley tensor: Motor component of SEAT Altea, screw positioning control during assembly process.

Bellow: Processing and heating of the components to assure the correct merging of the parts.

Air filters: Assembly of filter body, air flow meter, valve and inlet nozzles, securing screw positioning control during assembly process.


One-man assembly workbenches, equipped with secure control systems (Visual control, BIDI code reader).


All of Montajes Abreras’ products are traced during the whole process, starting with the entry of the sub-components in our warehouse until the delivery of the assembled module to our customer. The collected information is then saved on our server during 15 years and steadily backed-up to secure the data.