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Quality policy


The quality and environmental policy of Montajes Abrera, S.L. is to meet the quality, cost and service requirements of our customers complying with legal requirements and further internal environmental prerequisites.

Apart from counting with the support of our suppliers, we utilize all our technical and human resources to meet customer satisfaction.

We are aware that the motivation and commitment of our employees is the key to our future success.


We apply the concept of continuous improvement in all our company activities. We highly value group work in a safe and harmonic environment as well as the prevention of environmental pollution.

We steadily evaluate and monitor the repercussions of our actions to comply in every aspect with legal requirements and internal prerequisites of our business activities.

The search for excellence in the quality of our products, processes and functions is based on the concept of “total quality”.

We have implemented the required measures to avoid the emission of dangerous substances. Nevertheless, in case of emission, we follow a strict emergency plan to minimize possible environmental harm.


We mobilize all necessary resources to meet the goals established in this quality policy.


To assure that our quality policy is understood, applied and updated in all company areas, each employee is informed about it and asked to comply with its content continually.